Why Girls Get Mad At Boys

So I meant to do this post a few days ago when the idea came to me. I saw this very accurate text about why girls get mad at boys. I don't know where I saw it and I also don't remember where I saw it. Anyhow I am making this post now about it, why girls get mad at boys.

I mean every girl might not be like this but it very my applies to me. But it the end it's not our problem, boys are stupid and we should just throw rock at them.

Why do girls seem to get mad at boys for no reason? Why do we suddenly lash out at a boy we may have been out with once or twice and texted a little bit with? Why do this happen? I mean it's not for no reason, at least from my point of view. Well, it's because we create this image on our heads about our future with this boy. Or maybe it's just the we want to do something fun with this boy. Go to that new restaurant or club or go on a trip or whatever. We create a image in our heads about the two of us. Then you (all the boys out there) go on and be stupid and not answer us or whatever stupid shit you that do and that messes up our image. We get mad at you because image is not a reality anymore, you just burst our bubble that we were so happily living in. It's like we're getting mad at you for ruing something that wasn't even there (mad at you for not even trying).

I hope this makes sense.

your writer, Erika


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