Hi guys! How is everyone? I am good. Though I am a little sick so I decided to stay home from work today. My physical and mental health needed. Thank God that the season is almost over. But I have actually started a new job as a barista at Espresso House. I am still learning everything and next week my boos is going to teach me how to do coffee. That is exciting. A girl a the coffee shop taught me how to do espressos last earlier this week. Which is the easiest thing in the world. LOL. It exciting to do new things. School starts soon but I feel like I need a vacation. I think that I might go and visit my mom just to get away and have change of scenery. God knows that I need that. But she is here now visiting me. Sadly I have to work tomorrow so we don't get to spend time tomorrow. My shift tomorrow is a freaking death marathon but I am a freaking beast so I will be come in first. LOL. Lets talk another day and see how I feel about everything then.

your writer, Erika


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