Emily - Part One

Emily lies on her bed with her legs hanging on the side. She stares at the ceiling with a big simle on her face.
          She is thinking about Luke. The magical boy. No, scratch that. He is something else. Unlike anyone she has ever met before. It is like god has put him on this earth to meet Emily and that she now could die happy. Not that she wanted to die. She's only seventeen.
          Emily was in a trans, on her way to fall in love.
          "Luke", she said and laughed to herself.
"Who's Luke?", a voice asked. Emily woke up from her trans and quickly sat up on her bed and saw her little sister in the doorway.
          "GINA!", Emily screamed. "God, do you ever knock? GET OUT OF MY ROOM YOU LITTLE BRAT!" Emily tries to force her sister out of the room.
"Did you hear what I said? Because I see two ears that stick out on either side of your head."
Gina gives Emily a mean look.
"GET OUT OF MY ROOM BRAT! Are you deaf? GET out!". She is screaming so loud that the neighbours probably can hear her.
          "Mom! Emily is being mean!"
          They hear a sigh coming from downstairs and then a voice say: "Girls be nice."
"But...", the two girls say at the same time.
"Be nice", their mom repeats.
           Her sister moves away from the doorway. They give each other a mean look before Emily shuts the door.

your writer, Erika
.p.s. There might be a part two if anyone is interested.


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