Can you believe it? That, I, will be moving to the U.S. next year. Next summer because I have to finish high school to start college or university. It's carzy. I really really really hope that I get excepted to any of the schools that I will apply for. Ahhh (I just want to scream, because it's getting closer and closer)!
          Linda and I joke about that when she comes to visit me we will go to one of those crazy college parties. We also joke about me becoming head cheerleader and date the football captain and getting his jacket because I am his girlfriend. LOL. When I told Åsa about the cheerleader and football captain thing she said "Oh! That's a bad movie! Been there done that." What she ment by "been there done that" was that is so sterotypical when you thing of americans. Mostly when you think of high school.
          Do you have any plans for college? Any plans for after high school? Linda is going study at a college in Stockholm. She is such a bore. If that is what she want to do I am not going to say anything. She doesn't want to leave her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has told her that he wouldn't be able to handle a long-distans realtionship. Well, on August 11th they have been together for three years. Good luck to them in the future.

your writer, Erika


  1. Well... I didn't mean that I've been the head cheerleader. Or been dating the football captain. Not my thing, really.. :)
    And I still think it sounds like a bad movie... :D


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