Bummer Summer

I am bored. Honestly, I am. I love that I don't have to got to school. Waking up early and you know. But I have nothing to do. There is not much to do here.

So this morning I looked up plane tickets to Los Angeles on Thursday (because Alex's birthday is on Wednesday) and tickets from Los Angeles to Stockholm on Monday. The tickets that I choose would cost a little more than 20 000 kr. Then I remembered that I have to renew my passport. Damn! It if it wasn't for that, I could have gone to LA next weekend. I could get a temporary passport that only last for the trip, but it cost twice as much as normal passport. A normal passport is valid for five years. WHY ME!

Next summer I won't be bored. Or at least I hope so. I will be busy graduating from high school and moving to the USA. I wonder if I am going to realize how much stuff I have or be like "Is this it?!". Meaning that I don't have a lot of stuff. Since my plan is to study for four or five years in USA (I don't know how long a typical college or university education is), I am going to bring all of my stuff that I have in my room here. At least most of it. Books, dvds, most important clothes and shoes.

your writer, Erika


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