Stockholm International Film Festival 2015

Hi guys! How are you? I am great! LOL. I have amazing news for you! I mean just amazing news in general. Guess what?! Maybe you allergy know this if you follow me on instagram but Alena will be showing during this years Stockholm International Filmfestival! How amazing isn't that! It's fucking crazy! Okay maybe I am over exaggerating a teeny tiny bit. I mean even though I have minor part in this movie it's pretty cool. I am going to on the big screen! Whaaat! Plus I will be working as a theatre coordinator again this year during the filmfestival and Alena will be screening on the theatre that I am working at. Aaaaaaa! At first I was kind of bummed that I wasn't working at Skandia this year but yesterday when I found out that Alena will be screening at Grand (where I'll be working I was okay with it hihihihi).

So if you want to see Alena there will be three screenings. The first one will be during the horror night deluxe which will be on Skandia on the 13th of November at 6PM. The screening of Alena will start at about 9:30 PM and either before or after the movie there will be a f2f (face to face, short interview) with the director Daniel Di Grado. So that could be kind of interesting to go to. The other two screenings will be at Grand. One on the 17th at 1PM and the other one at 21st at 6PM. For more information go to and visit Kulturhuset in Stockholm to pick up a magazine about the festival or to buy tickets and memberships!

your writer, Erika


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