The Night Off

Gosh I just want to write something quick so imma do that. I just want to crawl into my bed an watch netflix. Sorry but I don't feel like giving you all a long ass story today. (LOL what are these work I am using. I know proper English but I just don't feel like using it today.)

I took the night off tonight. I usually do a million things when I get home from work but I am too tired and my body hurts. I just feel like Naaaaah tonight. So you know nah. LOL. The other day I was looking at pictures from when I lived in California. WOW! That feels like something from a million years ago. It doesn't even feel real. But it is and I have picture to prove it. It would be nice to maybe move back there someday. But right now I got too much going on in my life. Maybe 2016 will be a big year. Maybe, but probably not much different from 2015. I am still me.

your writer, Erika


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