Hi everyone! Happy Easter! I hope that everyone is happy and healthy. I am or I don't know. I mean I got my health but I am sick and have been for the past few days. I have just been out on the couch. Like wtf is this I was sick just a couple of weeks ago?! Like I am never sick and now I have been sick twice within the span of two weeks. OMG, what am I doing wrong. Probably taking on too much and not relaxing enough. It was pain on Thursday when I had to work. I was closing and (THANK GOD) it was a chill night. I think it might have had been my best closing yet. I did some extra stuff just because I had some extra time and I still checked out at like 8:23 PM (we close at 8 PM on weekdays and have to be done no later than 8:30 PM). Urgh! So nice to have the holiday weekend off since I am sick. If I wasn't sick I would have had loved to work the whole weekend since you get paid double on red days. Well well. Health comes first!

Even though it's March and summer is like a billion years away (or at least it seems like it is) I am dreaming away and looking at bathing suits. I have found two from ZARA that I like. Well (to be precise) one bathing suit and one bikini. A black bathing suit and a white bikini. I mean come on! You got to have a white bikini. But the funny thing is that I each year buy a bunch of beachwear and never actually wears them. But that's only because I live in Stockholm and Stockholm isn't exactly known for its beaches you know. If you know anything about about Stockholm. We've known for our polar bears you know. Hahahaha, no there's no wild polar bears in Sweden roaming around the streets of our capital.

your writer, Erika


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