Easter Sunday

Hi everyone! Happy Easter Sunday! What have you done today? I have just been home since I have been sick the past few days but today I actually feel like I am getting better. I haven't just been laying on the couch being lazy. No, I have been productive. OMG I had a clothing emergency this morning aka I had nothing to wear. I changed dresses four times before I settled for one. Mhmm... I NEED new clothes! It's sad though because there are a lot of clothes in my closets that I don't even wear. They're just kind of there for space-filling. Sad. Sad sad sad. I really need some new clothes. Maybe I'll go shopping this week since I have a lot of "free time". When I say free time I mean free from school and work. That doesn't mean I am not a busy woman that just mean I have more time for other stuff that's important to me. And also that I have time to go shopping. LOL.

I hope that all is well with you guys. I am going to get in to my PJs now and get into bed and watch some Grey's Anatomy. Have a nice night!

your writer, Erika


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