Hola everyone! It's Saturday! Yeah! Woop woop. LOL. I am assuming that all of you have had a much more amusing day than I have. I have just been sitting on the couch studying all day long. But I do not feel bad about that because the weather had been kind of boring today. It's worse to spend the whole day inside studying when the weather is great. Now you may ask, but Erika.. why don't you go outside and study? And my answer to that is that I got to stay where he wi-fi is. And no café wi-fi's don't meet my standards. Sorry. Public wi-fi's are crap. So slow that I feel like I will die before the page will load. Naha.

Yesterday was a more fun day because I went shoe shopping! Yeah! That's a Friday well spent. I bought the most gorgeous kitten heels. I am crying because they are so gorgeous! I am so in love with them. They are so simple but yet say a lot. I am going to rock summer with these. Hehehe.

your writer, Erika


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