Something Blue

Hi! So I went to school today after not having been to school in over a week. It was weird. I feel like missed like a lifetime of school. It's weird that it's like that when you're in college. If you miss one day you miss like one semester because you have some much you have to study for before each class. And I missed two lectures. TWO! It's not like those lectures are fun but they help me when I study for finals.

OMG! So I have been wanting this blue top from H&M every since it came out in stores but it was sold out everywhere I looked. Every time I was going to order it online it was always sold out. But this weekend when I checked H&M's website it was finally back in stock in my size so I rushed an ordered it plus a pair of white linen pants. I am so ready for summer.

I also (just for the fun of it) wanted to share with you what I was wearing today. Cardigan from ZARA, top from H&M, skirt from H&M and pantyhose from Lindex.

your writer, Erika


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