My Wish List

Okay so my birthday is next week and I am a very simple lady who wishes for simple thing. I don't need anything extravagant (but if you want to buy me something fancy I am not going to argue). I could easily buy all of these thing myself but since my birthday is less than a week away I'll wait and see what I get. Then, I'll go and buy all these things.

I want a pair of pink Marc by Marc Jacobs pink logo disc stud earrings. Pink is such a fresh color plus it's spring now and I just want something happy. And pink is a happy color. Really doesn't matter if they're gold or silver. Maybe both since you're already out shopping! Hihihi.

I want a white striped satin bed set from Hemtex. I have similar one in grey from Jotex. Jotex do have in white as well but I like Hemtex much better.

your writer, Erika


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