Spring Cleaning

Hi everyone! I have been really bad at updating lately but to my excuse I have had a lot of school and work lately. Mostly school. I have had a paper that I had to write. Gosh I hate Swedish university. Compared to this I really liked going to college in California. But I think that I am forgetting how it actually was. I do remember that I have never been so psychically and emotionally exhausted in my life. But that was still better than this. I mean I feel more calm now about school but maybe that's because I don't care as much about school as I did then. I mean of course I want to do well now but back then it was like I HAVE TO get straight A's. Me getting good grades was also because I was paranoid that I was going to be put on academic probation which potentially meant that I could be deported incase I didn't better my grades. I was paranoid about that. Being deported. I was like no I have to be a model citizen! Lol.

In the next few days or (probably and more likely) month I am going to try to be honest with myself and put away clothes from my closet that I don't use anymore. I mean I have a lot of clothes that I don't use but I still like the because they're pretty. I mean why throw away something pretty? No! But yes. Eh. Some stuff I will try and sell on blocket and the rest of I don't sell I will donate to charity. A spring cleaning in my closet is well overdue.

your writer, Erika


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