This Week So Far

Oh! I haven't blogged in over a week (not that is uncommon lately but still) and a lot has happened since then. I turned 23. I have worked a butt load, including shooting a commercial. Oh my God, that felt so good! I haven't done anything like that in too long! But I haven't had time. You know school and work have taken over my life lately. I am just so over and done with this semester and just want it to be over. I missed to lectures this week because of everything. Ugh, not something I preferred but it was for a good cause and I wouldn't just "let go of" school for just anything. Even though this week has been a lot it has been fun. Making money is always fun. Being able to pay your bills is even more fun!

My birthday was good. My mom came to visit and it was nice. She folded my laundry, did the dishes, took out the trash and cleaned my apartment. She was like "What are moms' for?!". LOL, she said it not me. It was really nice of her. She woke my up early and wanted my to opened my present but I laid in bed ad little while longer and just hugged the package. I mean it was before 8 AM. No thank you, Mam! Later we went out to Strandvägen 1. It is a really nice restaurant in Stockholm that you need to visit if you come here. I have been there once before with my friend Patricia. It was in the middle of the summer so we sat outside. So lovely. I have to go there more often than like once every six months.

Yeah so I also shot a commercial for Korvbrödbagaren this week. It was really fun but really cold. And when I say really cold I am not over exaggerating. It was hella cold! We shot the commercial out on Ekerö. I love acting! Because you get to see so much more and visit pace you otherwise wouldn't have. I have never been on Ekerö before that I can recall. So that was fun. Not that I saw more than of where we were. Just too bad it was so cold. A representative from Krovbrödsbagaren said that they produce about 2 million bread buns and pastries per day. PER DAY! Damn that is whole a lot! Impressive. I can't wait to see the commercial.

Have a nice weekend!

Your writer, Erika


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