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Good evening everyone! How are you? I am good. I just sitting in my bed watching the UEFA european championship. It's Poland vs Portugal. I don't think that I'll actually watch the whole game. I going to finish this post and the watch the lates episode of Million Dollar Listing New York. You know got to support cousin Fredrik. LOL, don't really think that we're related but we do share the same last name. But we are from the same country and from the same city. There might be a possibility but I am not really betting on it. If the cool but he'd still be as much of a stranger as anyone else that I don't know.

Heeey, I thought that my outfit was really cute today so I wanted to share it. Though I have a lot of cute stuff in my closet it's not every day that I feel accomplished with what I put on. Some times I feel like fashion is all I have. Like that's what I am good at and nothing else in the entire world.


OMG, so I went to the beautiful capital that this country has to buy my mom a birthday gift and to check out NK's sale. The sale at NK it was like it was like it was a stock clearance or that they wanted to sell out like they're closing or something. OK stuff wasn't exactly what some people would call cheap but when there's 40-60% off on brands like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Jimmy Choo and Mulberry THEN IT'S EFFING CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! But I didn't end up buying any thing. Too much too choose from so I couldn't decide. Plus I guess that my moms' birthday present comes first. Which I have a problem deciding on what. But did but some beauty product for myself. So at least I treated myself a little bit.

your writer, Erika


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