Get Weird Tour

Hi! I went and saw Little Mix on their Get Weird Tour at Gröna Lund last night. It was awesome! I went with a few friends and we had an awesome time. Just that I arrived earlier than them so when they got there we couldn't find each other. But we did and we had an amazing night! It was really weird being back at Grönan since I don't work there anymore. I am glad I don't work there this summer. One summer was more than enough. I took some pictures of the girls and there awesome dancers. I regret that I didn't ask Jaron (one of there dancers) for a picture, but I was like I am not like that anymore. They're people too and let them just enjoy the park like every one else. 'Cause the dancers and Jesy's fiancé walked around the some bit in the park but as soon as every one saw Jake people started storming them and one of the dancers had to get security. Eh, maybe next time. Maybe I'll move to England and join Jaron's dance school. Maybe, hahahaha.

But the concert was so amazing. The girls was absolute fire! And damn they were hot! Their vocal were absolute perfection. I wish that I had pipes like that. I feel bad for them a little bit because it was a little chilly and they were not wearing a lot. Perry said that she sneezed during one song, I didn't hear it though. I hope that none of them caught a cold or something.

You know the shoes I ordered this weekend...? They came in the mail today! Right size and everything! Boozt! You did a good job! I recommend them. Just look at my shoes though, so effing gorgeous!

your writer, Erika


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