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Hi! how is everyone doing in this heat wave? Hahaha it's not really a heat wave here in Stockholm but I was sitting on my balcony before and it was really hot with the afternoon sun just staring right at me. I got a little tan but no tan lines. But almost thank god for that. I mean you want tan lines just to show that you have been outside but I am wearing this dress today with avery high neck line so i don't think that would be very pretty. It has a very low back to compensate, but still.

I got a little anxious before because I have been working from home today, just sitting on my ass with my computer in my lap. I mean I have been still not really doing much in the sense of moving. Then I remembered that I worked out this morning. I actually have been working out every morning for the past three days. So I am good I guess. I love yoga and what it has done to my body. I love it because of how flexible I have gotten! Yoga really is the way to keeping your body looking fresh and young. It works for me any way! I shot a commercial for Marginalen Bank last week and one of the other women there looked like she was younger than me. Like she was 18, but she was 30! 30! She also does yoga (she's a yoga instructor) and she said that it's the yoga. She also said that they way to looking young forever is keeping your mind, body and souls connected.

I booked some new acting gigs today. One of which is Ruben Östlunds new movie The Square starring Elisabeth Moss and Christopher Læssø so that is pretty cool. Things are movie forward I guess. LOL, you always got to keep a positive attitude about things because that is when things will work out and move forward.

your writer, Erika


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