Midsummer Weekend

Hi! And Happy Midsummer every one! Midsummer is basically over but still. So did you have a great night last night? What did all of you party animals do? I hung out with my good friend Patricia. We just walked around the city and accepted what our beautiful capital had to offer. No but we went to this place on the south side that she has been talking about forever. Is this bar with an amazing view over the city. So breathtakingly beautiful! We were basically there the whole night and smoked up the magical view and then we walked around for a but. It was nice.

In case you're not Swedish, use Swedes take midsummer very seriously. The whole country shuts down for Midsummer Eve (which was yesterday) and Midsummer Day (which is today). And people part very very vey hard. I am not over exaggerating! All of the stores and malls are closed! Some restaurants and cafés are open though. Which is nice, since I met Jessica for a fika today. It was such lovely weather that I felt like it would be a shame to spend the day inside. We walked around the city for a bit. It was so nice. I really like taking in the city like that.

your writer, Erika


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