Lunch Time Fun

Good evening every one! How are you? I am good. I went to lunch today with my good friend Patricia. We went to this deli in Vasastan that serves meze food. I love meze and this place was really good. They're called Babel Deli in case you're in Stockholm and want to check them out. Their prices are okay, under 100kr.

Aaaah! I bought the nicest underwear from Björn Borg yesterday. I was walking around the mall during my lunch hour just getting stuff I need and doing some window shopping. I decided to see if STHLM BLV had any thing nice on sale. Then I saw this Björn Borg underwear set that I had looked at before. It was like 60% off so you know that I just had to get it! Aaah I am so excited!

your writer, Erika 


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