My Super Sweet 16

That's never gonna happen. But you can always wish. Planning those parties seems like planning a wedding. Those girls put so much effort into it. I get it that they scream to their parents when they don't get their way. I'd probably do the same or maybe not because I'm a good girl who always listens to her mom. LOL, but since I am turning 16 this year it would be cool to have a party at a club or something. The problem with that is that it will never happen and I wouldn't know who to invite and booking the performer I want would be to late. So, my my my! What I am gonna do? It would be cool if I got a surprise party. I want lots of presents at least 16, because I'm turning 16, duh! When I am turning 16 - that week, on monday april 6th - week 15, I have no school. Yeah! No school.
Next Saturday it's my name day and I'll know I'll be getting something. Nothing big but something, probably really small but something from mom.
Soon it's valentines day and I already know what I'm getting my mom, nothing big but something.

your writer, Erika.


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