Right and wrong

Yesterday when we had history Grecia came and sat down next to me because she said she needed help. Well anyway she took up he iTouch and showed me that she had a song by Selena Gomez. I was like: WOAH, which one?! And it was Tell Me Something. So we listened to it and some other songs. I love that song so much! I have to by the soundtrack or I could just by the song at iTunes, 'cause refuse to download it illegal. I'm not that kind of person. That's WRONG! All the songs I have on my iPod I have bought and I have over 700 songs on it. I don't get how people can download stuff illegal. How would you feel if you worked really hard on something and didn't get paid for it. Ok, sure, artists and actor do get paid for their movies and music. But the should get paid way more then they do. I know alot of people may not agree with me right now, but this is just the way I feel about it. Like it or not. It's way wrong and illegal. I am so mad a people that do it.

your writer, Erika.


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