Pain and that thing called a TV

There's only a few months of ninth grade! Yes! I can't stand a few people. They are so immature! This fall I'll be starting my education at "gymnastiet". Which is like high school, but "gymnasiet" is only form 10th to 12th grade. I talked to my friend, Madde, about this and she said she can't believe that she has a whole year left until "gymnasiet" after 8th grade. I feel her pain.
Right now I am watching 90210. I like that show. On fridays it's the premiere of Cheetah Girls: One World on Disney Channel. Navid from 90210 stars in that movie. You it's weird that Michael Steger is older than Ryan Eggold who plays a teacher. Michael turns 29 this year and Ryan turns 25 this year. OMG! Yesterday when I was Sex and The City on tv I got exposed to a lot of nude. Ok, that sound weird, but there was a lot of nude scenes. A lot! But yeah, yeah who cares.

your writer, Erika.


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