Alex is the weirdest kid I know! You know why, because he claims to be a vegetarian. He's five years old! What does he know about being a vegetarian. On new years eve he said that he didn't want to eat the chicken because he was a vegetarian, but earlier that day when he was hungry his mom offered to buy him some wok. But no he didn't want to eat that because that's disgusting. he said the wanted the best food ever. Then I asked him what the best food ever was and then he said; pancakes, pizza, hamburgers, kebab etc. Then he started to complain more and more how hungry he was and then he said he wanted a hot dog because he don't like wok. The whole thing about him being hungry was just because he saw me eating a banana. I don't even think he was hungry because mom and I and her friend order sushi and when had finished our sushi he hadn't even finished his hot dog.

your writer, Erika.


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