A Splash of Spring

Hi guys! How are you? I am good. I should be doing homework but instead I am sitting here watching True Detective and writing a lil some for you. Plus I have lit two scented candles so it's all cozy up in here. LOL. It's all good here. Especially when all the light that I have is from the candles and from my computer and the TV plus my phone every time I get a notification (which is a few times every minute). It's real cosy and real nice in this hizz hazz.

You know what... I want spring like NOW! I want to wear cute outfits. I mean yeah I can still wear cute outfits now but like it's cold outside and I will freeze if I for example wear a dress without leggings. So no. I miss Cali. I miss the Cali weather. I could wear summer clothes all of the time when I lived there. But I started missing wearing jeans. But it would have ha been too freaking out to wear them. LOL. Never pleased I guess.

But you can really tell that spring is coming and the summer is approaching (slow and steady) because more and more artists are coming over here for the tours. I am excited about that, I love going to concerts! But just a teeny tiny problem, there is too many artists that I like. Okay that is not such a problem but like idk, I don't feel like I have time for them all. Plus it costs money. Even if I am not going to their concerts I am glad that they are coming here so that other fans can enjoy them!

your writer, Erika


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