Hi guys! I just want to blog a lil quick before I have to go to bed (which I am going to do soon) and while I sit here with a face mask. So you ain't got that long, or I don't got that long to write. But i have to multitask because I have a few other things that I'd like to get done before I hit the sack.

Sorry for not being that active lately. I have just been kind of busy. You know I have a life, besides my computer. I love this blog and love writing meaningless nonsense here. Idl, but it is a way to clear my head from all of the clutter that is up there. So thank you guys for putting up with me. OMG, I just realised that Friday is the eight year anniversary of this blog! That is crazy! Whaaaat!

I went and saw Katy Perry this weekend! That was like super cool! I am so happy that she choose yo come to Stockholm on the Prismatic World Tour. I was so bummed out when she didn't come to Stockholm that California Dreams Tour. I was like YEAH OMG KATY IS GOING TO TOUR and she's not coming to Stockholm. But I have waited patiently and my prayers have been answered! Plus I got to see Charli XCX. Okay, yeah I am not the biggest fan of Charli. Yeah she has some good songs but I don't like her like I like Katy. But I gotta say that I am a bigger fan now after having seen her live! Did you know that Katy used to go to Santa Barbara City College? The school that I went to when I lived in Santa Barbara, which also happens to be Katy hometown. That is a total coinkydink. I mean I wanted to move to LA and not SB but then I couldn't so SB it was. And I didn't know that Katy used to attend SBCC until a friend pointed it out to me. How cool isn't that!? I mean that I have lived in Katy's hometown and gone to the same school as her! Like WHAAAAT!?

your writer, Erika


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