Hi! I just want to try and make a quick post now since I never seem to have time to write anything here. I should really be doing other stuff right now but I feel like this blog needs some attention as well. LOL. How is everyone? I am good. A bit stressed out because of school. You know what I am the kind of person that stresses over school thin that I will fail and all and BAM! I don't, instead I ace the whole thing. It's so weird. LOL. Maybe I need more self-confidence but I don't feel like I am that super negative about myself. Maybe when I get stressed because then I feel really pressured to perform well. Hmm.

Hopefully this won't be a stressful weekend! I was going to work today but that got cancelled, which in away made me kind of happy because this is the first Friday in a while when I have to work. But I have school and other work, so like I am happy that I can take care of that today. Yeah! I feel like I am really getting somewhere with this essay that I have to write for school. I really wrote a lot last night and researched a lot. So today I can write even more and maybe be done with by this weekend. LOL, says that girls who has made plans with friends and family. Eh, I will cram school in there. I kind of feel like that is more important anyway. School, I mean school. At least right now anyway. My courses end next week so I want to these last things well and pass them. I want to do more than just pass, that is why I feel like school it very important.

your writer, Erika


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