Love, Erika

Hi again or whatever. How are you guys? Did you have a good weekend? I kind of did. No I actually did. I feel like I got a lot done with my essay. It is basically done. I went to the movies with a friend who I barely see since we live in different cities, and school and work comes in the way for the both of us. But this weekend she was in Stockholm so we went and saw Cinderella. It was really good. Today I went to a kids party for little Olivia who turns FIVE! Well, she turns five in a couple of days but the party was today. My cousin, Moa, from London was there because she took a quick trip to Stockholm because of the Melodifestivalen finale that was last night. I didn't know that she was going to come so I had to quickly wrap her present as well and write her card so that I could give it to her now (and save myself some money on shipping). Her birthday is not today either, it's in like 10 days or so but she is just such nice person that I really wanted to give her something. I hope that she liked it.

I had a really nice night tonight. I didn't do much. I wrote some of my essay and then I rented Love, Rosie because I have wanted to see it ever since it premiered. Fanny and I actually rented it last weekend but we never got to finish it because there was something wrong with either Apple TV or the wifi. Or maybe it was the wifi that messed up the Apple TV. Anyway we ended up watching a DVD instead. I tried renting it tonight and it worked just fine! It was really good! I really do recommend it if you haven't seen it. Oh, I can imagine that the book is even better. The book is usually way better than the movie.

Anyway. I just wanted to post something so that this blog doesn't kick the bucket. When I started it I promised either you or myself that I would post something every day. I think that that lasted about a week. Idk who cares! The eight anniversary of this blog is creeping up so, um yeah it's been a long time since I started it. I am gonna go to bed now because it's Monday tomorrow and that means real obligations.

Good night. Sleep tight.

your writer, Erika


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