Cardio Vs. Strength


Tonight I am going to bring up the big old question cardio vs strenght workout? What burns the most calories? Which one is just better/ will give you better results?

To answer the last question, I have to say that really depends on what your goal is. This is so individual! Personally I think a combination of both is the best. If you want a lot of muscle the strenght workout is the one for you. If you want to be the next Usain Bolt the cardio is what you should focus more on. Again so individual! I do a combination of both. My cardio routine is a mix if cardio and a strenght workout. Even my yoga routine as some strenght exircises.

The question that I can more easily answer for you is: Which one burn the most calories?! The answer is both actually. Cardio burn the most calories during a session and strenght will help your body burn more calories after a session (meaning when you for example just laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing). Since strenght workout will help your body burn more calories later when your doing nothing I would say that strenght workout burn the most calories. Cardio is then just a quick fix since it will just burn calories during a session. Do you understand what I mean?

your writer, Erika


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