Today I am writing from sunny and beautiful Marbella in Espana! Hola mi amigos! It is like being back in Santa Barbara with the mountains, this beautiful Spanish architecture and the incredible weather! I never want to leave! NEVER! I realise that I do have to book a trip somewhere this summer. Though Patti and I are going to Rome in September. I can't wait for that.


Just because I am on vacation don't think that I will skip my healthy ways. Okay I had churro for breakfast (because they had it at the breakfast buffé and I have never tried it before). But I also had some healthier alternatives. Since I do work out as much as I do and am as healthy as I am my body can afford to eat a little unhealthy once in a while. They have do have a gym here so I plan on hitting that later. I haven't worked out in a gym in ages so it's going to be interesting but I plan on giving you a full report on it.


But ciao (I know that's Italian) for now because I going enjoy the sun by the pool!

your writer, Erika 


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