Viva Espana

Yesterday was amazing! We were out until late and then I had to pack my suite case because we are going home today. First we had a long seminar and after that we went up to mountains and visited a beautiful city called Ronda. So gorgeous! Even though Ronda is not that far from Marbella it still took about an hour to get there. We had to drive on these small mountain roads to get there. If you get car sick easily you might want to skip Ronda. Though it would be really sad to miss it while you are here.



The view over Marbella on the way up to Ronda was just something else! It makes you realise how mighty mother nature really is! At one point the buss driver (the most skilled buss driver ever) pointed to the horizon where you could see a mountains in the far distance and said Africa. Omg that was so cool! You could also se Mount Gibraltar! Just wow!



Well up in Ronda we went on a three hour tour of the city. First I was just no that ain't going to work because I had such pain in my legs from hitting the gym. But is went alright even though stairs was a little bit of a problem. We saw a beautiful church that was built on a old moské, the bridge connecting the old town with the new town and Rondas bull fighting arena. It was all very beautiful, though the bull fighting arena was a little morbid because that is animal abuse!





This whole trip has just been so amazing! It has been so much fun seeing everyone relaxed. Some are just a little uptight otherwise. Though I know they have a lot to do, but it was really good that we made this trip together.




Apart from the seminars everyday we have been doing allt of fun things together. So much good food! So much. On Saturday we went on this kind of bar hopping but between different tapas resturants. That was a lot of fun. I really hope that we do something like this again next year!

your writer, Erika


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