What About The Protein?

I am a vegetarian and I have been since I was in my early teens. It started because I all of the sudden didn't like the taste of meat. But then I went over to eating chicken/ turkey and fish/ seafood. Now I don't eat any meat at all. I am almost vegan. But I don't have any problem eating food that contains dairy or eggs. That's the one thing that holds me back from actually going full on vegan. Or the thing is more that I eat regular yoghurt with granola for breakfast and I just haven't found any vegan yoghurt that I like. First, I I like natrual non-flavored yoghurt because that stuff contains no chemical ingredients. Second, vegan yoghurt, even natrual non-flavored vegan yoghurt, contains a lot of chemical ingredients to make it as similar as regular dairy yoghurt. I just don't want that in my body. The day I find chemical free vegan yoghurt at the gorcery store I'll buy it and become a vegan.

But I didn't start this post to tell you about my diet. I wanted to make this post because I am tired of all of the missconceptions about chosing a vegetarian or vegan diet. The biggest missconception is that you don't get enough protein. People are always telling me that have to think about what I eat so that I get enough protein. I am sorry but if meat is your only source of protein then you really are failing!

There are lots of great sources of protein that does not come from meat. A lot of vegetable sources even contain lots of nutrients that your body needs and CAN'T get from meat. I feel like when it comes to food people really need to educate themselves a whole lot more. A simple thing just as changing your diet can replace a lot of medicine that your body needs (but that's an other post for an other day).

Before I list my favorite vegetarian/ vegan protein sources I thought that we take a quick look at why we need protein and how much protein we need. Protein is your bodys building blocks and is needed for creating new cells and hormones. 10-20% of your calories should come from protein, and that's about 50-70g per day. If you work out a lot then your daily intake of protein should be 2g per kg of body weight.

Here are a few vegetarian/ vegan protein sources that all have over 10g of protein per 100g.

1. Oats - 13g/ 100g
2. Quinoa - 12g/ 100g
3. Peanutbutter - 22,5g/ 100g
4. Chickpeas - 20,5g/ 100g
5. Chia seeds - 16,5g/ 100g
6. Cocoa - 22g/ 100g
7. Lentils - 24g/ 100g
8. Soy beans - 35g/ 100g
9. Sesamen seeds - 27g/ 100g
10. Walnuts - 15g/ 100g

your writer, Erika


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