Did You Know...

Did you now that peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges? 100g of red and yellow peppars contain about 250% vitamin C (RDI) and green peppers contain about 150%. While oranges and lemons only contain 66%. Even kale contain more vitamin C than oranges and lemons. 100g of kale contains 150% vitamin C (RDI). That is crazy and kind of mind blowing to me. Seriously a lot of vegetable contain more than 100% per 100g of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. I heard this a few months ago at work and before I would never had guessed it! I mean.... lemons for example are so sour so just, I don't know but I just would have guessed that they contain more vitamin C. MIND BLOWN! Hahaha.

your writer, Erika


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