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So I have been looking at houses in LA because a girl can dream, right?! The prices though, yikes! Expensive! I mean I would never pay anything like that for an apartment or a house in Stockholm. But then again they aren't as expensive here as they are on the other side of the pond.
Today I want to share with you my favorite mosturisers. I have dry skin so a good moisturisers is very very essential to me. I have tried many over the years. Right now I have a couple that works really well.

Dove DermaSpa goodness
What I love about the this body lotion is that it not only makes your skin feel incredibly soft is that it also smells amazing! I get compliments on it all of the time. And who doesn't love compliments?! Especially when someone tells me that I smell good because that is so unexpected. You can get it pretty much anywhere. Just check your local grocery store and I am sure that they'll have it!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear oil-free moistrisers
Okay yes I do have very dry skin and that's because of my eczema. Whenever I use facial moisturisers that are for dry skin my poures get clogged. No thanks but I do not want any unwanted zits! This one is great, I mean because my eczema stays the same wheater I use this one or something for dry skin and I have to use kortizon regardless. You can also find this one everywhere.

Ava Fot & Hud Creme
I mostly use this one for my feet. But if you have super dry hands like I do it is an absolute dream for your hands. What I love about this one is that it's cheap! Not so great is that it's hard to find. I know only one grocery store that sells it. But it's kind of close to me anyway.

Urtekram Nourishing Virgin Couconut Oil Body Lotion
I mostly just use it as a hand cream after I washed my hands. But it is also great as a body lotion. It says for normal skin on the bottle but I have dry skin and it works really well for me.

your writer, Erika


  1. Hello Erika,
    This is Sam from Jordan. I had Ava creme as a gift and I couldnt read the info on it in a different language. I just wanted to thank you for this helpful explanation. I will enjoy it now.



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