Looking Hot While Getting Hot

I definitely do not have enough workout clothes! It's an issue because I have to wash the ones that I have all of the time. Enough for me would be if I had at least seven pairs of gymshorts/ yogapants and seven sport bras (yeah, I only workout in a sport bra because I get annoyed and uncomfortable if I wear a t-shirt over that because I get too hot). Now when it's starting to get a little bit warmer outside I like to wear shorts instead of tights. Sometimes when I do yoga it's nice to wear tights because it's not as sweaty. Don't get me wrong. Yoga is a great workout but it's not as intense as cardio. Okay, that can depend on what kind of yoga you do, because there are like millions different types of yoga out there.

A friend once said that she doesn't think that it's necessary to have a bunch of fancy workout clothes because you are going to sweat in them either way. True but there are a bunch of brands that sell really nice workout clothes at a low price. Below you can see my favorite sports wear that you can find online!

your writer, Erika


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