5 Great Things About Fall

Though my favorite season is summer, mainly because of the weather, I do love all four seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter. They each have their charm. Today I thought that I would list my five favorite things about fall. Feel free to share your favorite things in the comment section!

1. PSL. Even though I think that PSL is slightly overhyped and not even that tasty, it is a conformation that there is a new season and that we're turning a leaf.

2. Big and cozy sweaters. I love hoodies! It's my favorite piece of clothing. I love them because they are such a comfy clothing that you can snuggle up in and just feel happy about everything.

3. Soup. You know that I love food. I really don't have a favorite food (but it has to be vegan, because I am vegan now) but I do feel like some dishes are better associated with a particular season. And soup is better associated with fall. My favorite soup is minestrone soup.

4. Long walks in the forest. I love a long walk any day of the year (okay maybe not during the winter when it's unbelievably cold and there is a snow storm going on). But I feel like during the summer I want to take a walk on the beach or in a nice park. Like I want to be somewhere where I get some sun and light and really take advantage of the nice weather. In the forest there are a lot of trees which makes it hard for the sun to really shine through. So it's just dark, kind of cold and humid. That's more what I associate fall with.

5. Swedish apples. Swedish apple are the tastiest apples there is and I don't care what anyone else says about that! They have such a specific taste to them. If you are ever in Sweden during the fall you have to go to a grocery store and buy some Swedish apples.

your writer, Erika


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