I Went And Saw "It"

Hello! So guys I went and saw the movie It last night. It wasn't scary at all. I was kind of afraid of that because I really don't like scary movies. The movie wasn't bad just because it wasn't scary. It was actually good and those kids are amazing actors. Kudos to them! I really hope that at least one of them gets a nomination for some kind of an award (Bill should get one too). Golden Globe? Oscars? Okay I really haven't seen enough movies this year to say that this one deserves any of those awards.

The best part about the movie were those kids! I always get so amazed by children being great actors. That is not something that you'd really except. I mean because they're just children, what kind of training have they had except from maybe roleplaying or something like that. They haven't had any professional training but they're still amazing.

The worst part about the movie was that it was too long. I kept changing positions in my seat because I felt restless.

All in all it was a good movie. I did get startled a few times but I wasn't scared. I am glad that I saw it and you should too. Actually during the movie I thought to myself that I wanted to read the book because the book is probably amazing.

your writer, Erika


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