Thoughts About Art

I wouldn't really say that I know a lot about art or anything like that. On the top of my head I can name three famous painters. Leonardo da Vinci, Jackson Pollock and Vincent van Gogh. That's as much as I know. Oh, I know that van Gogh cut off his ear, but other than that I really don't know much about art. I have never really been good at painting so it has never really been an interest of mine. When you walk into my apartment you won't see any panting on the walls. I have a photo wall above my bed, but the mostly pictures of myself. I wouldn't say that's because I am a self absorbed person. No that's more because I don't get pictures developed anymore and I really can't remember when the last time I actually did that. (Wait, is it still called getting a picture "developed"?)

Composition No. 16 by Jackson Pollock

The photo wall above my bed

I would like to have some art on the walls but I really don't know what to put up there. Even tough I know nothing about art I think that you should always choose something that you like. I mean if you are going to invest in an expensive painting it should really be something that you can see yourself look at and enjoy looking at for several years to come.

Dreamy Day by Alina Nordling

Number 5 by Alina Nordling

When I buy my own apartment I will put more thought into this. I mean more thought into what kind of paintings and other types of art I would like in my apartment. If I buy something now that fits into my current apartment it might not be such a good match for my new place.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. The paintings by Jackson Pollock and Alina Nordling are just paintings that I like. Unfortunately I do not have them in my apartment.


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