Pinterest To The Rescue

So I have barely bought any new clothes this year. I mean since like May. I just don't feel like wasting any money plus I am trying my best to save money so that I can buy my own apartment. Though I won't be able to afford one until like couple of years from now but still. It's really frustrating because I don't like where I live now. I know that I have told you guys that before. And as I have said before I feel like my "negative thoughts" about where I live is affecting my mood.

Anyway, since I have barley bought any new clothes this year I still do my best to change it up so that it doesn't feel like I am wearing the same clothes every day. Good thing that the seasons are changing now which means that the clothes I am wearing now I have used in months (since May aka like the last time I bought new clothes). It's very hard to think of new ways to wear old clothes.

I have recently started using pinterest. There is where I get all of my outfit inspo from. It is so helpful. Every morning or before I go to bed I check my fashion board where I have saved all of my inspiration and choose an outfit that is similar to something that I have in my closet.

Today I saw this look that I had saved. I really like it but I wish that I had a more similar shirt but I think that my look is pretty good too. What do you think?

/ Blouse - Lindex / Jeans - ZARA /

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