Sleeping Beauty

Hello! I was dead tired yesterday that's why I didn't blog. I spent the weekend at my moms place. On the way home I just felt how the tiredness was taking over my body on another level. My brain felt like jelly. Nothing made sense to me. That's how out of it I was. So freaking tired!

I actually have been a lot more tired lately. I think it's because I have started getting up half an hour earlier every morning. I just felt like I wanted to get up and start my day a bit earlier. It it so nice to get up and get things done but that has now resulted that I have no energy at night. Seriously it's just half an hour. It's not that much. 

I don't understand why I am this tired though? I really don't because I mean it's just half an hour and it shouldn't effect that much (I think?). Well well. I am all good now. Maybe I just need to look into my sleeping schedule a little bit to get to the bottom of this.

 Have a nice day!

your writer, Erika


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