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Hello! So a while back I talked about my favorite instagram accounts. Today I thought that would share my three favorite blogs with you guys. I follow a lot of blogs but I do only have three favorites. These three blogs are not that much different from each others. What I love about them is they are personal, about fashion and gives advice about how to be successful.

My first one is Career Girl Daily. I don't remember how I found this one but I am glad that did. CCD is all about helping you be your own career girl, meaning being successful at whatever you want to pursue as a career. They have lots of tips on books to read, lists on how to motivate yourself and what to wear. Other than their blog they also have facebook and instagram (which I of course also follow). Check them out!

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My second favorite blog is PDotter. PDotter is run by Swedish influencer Ellinor Löfgren. I like it because she also gives out career advice (maybe not as often as CCD but still she does it) and she is very open about her life. It's personal in a way like when you read her posts it's almost like she's in the room talking to you face to face. What's not so great about her blog is the ever since she got a job as a business developer at Ingager she has not been so active on her blog. I mean I understand but still kind of boring but I am not leaving quite her yet.

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My third favorite is Alice Stenlöf. Alice is also a Swedish influencer. Unlike Ellinor (who only writes in Swedish) Alice writes in both Swedish and English. So there is no need for google translate. Alice is also very open and personal on her blog. She writes a lot about fashion and her new life in Stockholm. It is very fun to read. Though Alice is not a professional model but she post stunning pictures of herself. Like GODDAMN! She is really gorgeous.

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What are your favorite blogs? Share them in the comment section!

your writer, Erika


  1. Tack för bra tips :) om du gillar inredning kan du kika in min blogg:)

    LOVE Maria


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