My Bed Corner

So I have been going through pinterest trying to find something that looks like what I want my little bed corner to look like. It is harder than I imagined to find something that I envisioned in my head. Instead I am just going to tell you guys what I want.

I am thinking about whether or not I should get a headboard. I love headboards and I think that they can be really beautiful. I am not sure if I should get one though. My concern is that it might be too much for my little apartment. Anyway, Mille Notti have to headboards that I like. They're called Paula and Alexandra but then I also found a couple that I like on Mio. If I did get a headboard I would probably get one in either dusty pink, beige or blue. In my current apartment I think that either dusty pink or beige will fit the best.

Headboard Paula

Headboard Alexandra

Something that I really want/ need is a new bedcover. I have been in love with this one ever since I saw it the first time.

But I also like this one from Himla and this one from ZARA Home.

I also need some new cushions/ pillows for my bed. The cushions have to match each other and the bedcover. But I would also like a few cushions in different colours and style but they still have to match each other. The colours that I am going for there are beige, pink, white and silver/ grey. Not all of those colors but at least two or three.

Then if I am buying a new bedside table it's going to be white. It's just that the bench at the end of my bed is white so it has to match that one. I mean I could buy something in whatever color and just paint it. It's not that hard. I could also change the knobs just to make it more the way I want it. I have heard of people actually doing that.

Lastly the picture frames for my photo wall above my bed. Åhléns has some great picture frames (for a great price) so I probably by something there. The picture frames are going to be in a solid color and simple looking. Check out these ones and you know what I mean.

your writer, Erika


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