Lets Talk About Carpets

Yo, so lets talk carpets. That was the only thing that I didn't mention yesterday. I want to replace all of the carpets in my apartment, not just the one in my little bed corner. What I have learned the past few days is that furniture and pretty much everything when it comes to interior design is expensive. It's ridiculous how much things cost. For example I saw a carpet with the words "I eat cake in bed" on it for 25 000 kr. That is insane. Yezus! Not that the ones that I like are exactly cheap but still, c'mon this is crazy! But I guess if you want something good then you are going to have to pay for it.

In my kitchen/ hallway I have four carpets if you count the door matt. I am thinking that maybe I should just have one huge carpet in the kitchen area and in the hallway area I should just have a door matt and a smaller rug.

The kitchen area

The hallway area

In the hallway outside the bathroom I am thinking about getting a carpet in a similar size that I have now. That is a slim but long carpet.

In the living room I have two slim but long carpets and one huge carpet. There I am thinking about getting three new carpets in those sizes. But that the two long carpets are the same so that I have some sense of coherence.

Below I have picked out a few carpets that I like. When it comes to the color and the style/ pattern of the carpet I am just gong to match the rest of the room. What do you think of these carpets?

your writer, Erika


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