Marketplace & Oatgurt

Hello! Has any of you tried facebooks Marketplace? I just put up an item there and I am going to put up some more after I have finished this post. You know the other day when said that I was going do to a bit of fall cleaning because I have a lot of stuff collecting dust in my closet. Yeah so I just thought that I would try and sell them on marketplace. I mean it's free to post adds on there so why not, right. If you want to buy my stuff go on marketplace and look for me.

Before I leave you with this post I have to tell you about Oatly's new vanilla flavored oatgurt (oatgurt = oat based yogurt). If you have ever tried outlays vanilla sauce you will love their vanilla oatgurt because it tastes exactly the same! Yum and who doesn't want to eat vanilla sauce for breakfast (Am I right!?). Normally I don't like flavored yoghurts because they have so many artificial ingredients to make it taste "normal". Oatlys regular oatgurt already has a bunch of artificial ingredients just to make it like regular yogurt so I was like "Why the h*** not?!" when I saw this new flavor. I really do recommend that you try this one because it's super delicious!

Have a nice day!

your writer, Erika


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