Fall Must Have

I am literally craving this coat from Lindex so bad right now! I was going to make this post about my fall must haves. I was going to choose about five pieces that I really love and are craving so hard right now. Then I realized that the only thing that I am craving this fall is this coat from Lindex.

If you like the coat yourself you can buy it here!

I am probably going to buy it. The only reason that I haven't bought it is because it costs over 1000kr. It's not that I can afford it, it's just that it's a lot of money and I really don't have an income right now. LOL that didn't stop me from buying those DIESEL jeans for 1500kr. In my defence I had a 15% discount on those jeans and also I have a discount at Lindex. I mean how can your turn down something when you have a discount?!

As you can see the faux fur is removable but I like the coat better with it :)

Hahaha, part of me (the sensible part) is telling me that I am going to end up on Lyxfällan if keep buying expensive things like that. The other part of my brain is telling me that I never buy anything new clothes and that I am a good person who does good things every day so I deserve that coat because I am such a good person. The sensible part is also telling me that that is exactly the kind of thinking that will make me end up on Lyxfällan. Either way we can all agree that it is a beautiful coat and that I look amazing in it!

your writer, Erika


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