A Little Change

Hi guys! As you may have noticed I have changed the appearance of my blog quite a bit. I have wanted to change it for a while now and I have wanted to go back to a classical view. And now I have! What do you guys think of this new look? I love it. I got this rush inspiration when I read a blog by a girl from Swedish Beliebers. Check out her blog here (btw it's all in Swedish but she has really cool pictures, and the look is awesome!). Anyway, so now I have a new look here on Erika's World! Yeah!

Here's a before and after incase you have forgotten what it looked like before I changed it or just in case you're new here.



Plus now that I am thinking about it. This look is kind of current. Very clean, very white and very winter. Aka the white. LOL. Idk.

Are any of you excited about winter/ the holidays? I am more excited about the holidays than winter. I mean, I am not excited about the snow. Oh no, now snow here! I mean, yes - now on Christmas Eve, day and boxing day but then on the 27th I want it all fucking gone! It is beautiful, but now for six months straight. But we have been very fortunate (in a way that I don't like snow) to not have that much snow the past few winters. LOL. We barely and any snow last winter.

your writer, Erika


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