LBD Friday Inspiration

Hi guys! Good afternoon Europe and Good morning USA! How is everyone today! It's Friday, are you guys excited? Do have any special plans for tonight or for the weekend? My plans for tonight is basically me and Merlin cuddling up in my bed, watching a good movie and eating some good snacks. Hahahaha. No my mom is the crazy dog lady in this house! Hahaha.

OMG, I have to tell you! Okay so usually I don't like having Merlin (or Kickan for that matter) in my med because they bring dirt. Like I don't want mud stains, grave and grit and shit. So I always tell him no if I notice him trying to jump up in my bed in the middle of the night. But tonight I woke up and he was just laying there next to me! That has happened before! I mean the I wake up and there he is next to me. Of course I don't push him down then but like how do I not notice when he jumps up on my bed and lays next to me? How? Idk. Good things he's cute though! And that I love him. That has saved him many times.

Anyway. So, since it's Friday a lot of you are probably going out tonight. Or you're going out tomorrow since it's the weekend. I just saw these really cute LBDs that I thought would be cute for a night out. But really, what do I know since I never go out? Hahahaha. They're all from but different brands. If you want to buy the dresses the link to each dress is right underneath the picture! You're welcome.

your writer, Erika


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