Like A Boss

Hi! Lets see if I can do a quick post now because I have to leave soon because of work (which is not as boring or as hard as I thought). I work as biografansvarig (how should we translate that, maybe to theater coordinator - yeah I think that is what it actually says that on the staff passes but I haven't got mine yet so I am not actually sure) at Stockholm International Film Festival. Basically I am the boos. My job is to oversee everything and make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the films start on time. I also get to present the films, which is kind of scary because I have a teeny tiny bit of stage fright. Yeah it's a curse. So yesterday I watched to films while I was working. Foxcatcher and The Captive. Well, I didn't watch the whole of Foxcatcher since I had to help the ladies at the cash register, plus we were really short on time between Foxcatcher and The Captive so I had to go and make sure that the movie wouldn't be that much late.

I worked from like 4:30 PM to 12:30 AM. Which sounds a lot and very late but I had a lot of fun. I got to watch two movies and I texted a friend to come and keep me company. So we had a lot of fun. I hope that I will have as much fun tonight and tomorrow as I did last night.

your writer, Erika


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