Those Selfies I Promiesed

Hi guys! Today is the last day of 2014 Stockholm International Film Festival. Nooo! I have had so much fun working at the festival. There have been a few crazy moments but I managed to get through them all. Some myself and the help of my volunteers and some by the help of me bosses. This weekend I got help from a few lifesavers - as I like to call them. Hahaha. No but truly they help me a lot. Showed up from nowhere like an angel sent from heaven above. LOL. You know who you are (and I bet like one billion dollars that they will never read this in their life time, but I thought that they needed a mention for their kindness - especially one person.)

Oh, yeah some Alena selfies. Hmmm. I just gonna check and see what I have in my photo stream, because my phone is not hooked up to the computer at the moment. I don't feel like hazzleing and doing that. So whatever my photo stream has you'll get. Mwah!

your writer, Erika


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