Hi guys! I gotta say, yesterday was boring. Working at Reflexen was boring. I can't wait to get back to Skandia on Friday. LOL. I mean it's boring because it's just me and then the ladies that work at the café the there. Yeah OMG! No. Good thing my dear friend Fanny came and kept me company for  a little while. Plus another girl came and worked a little bit so I watched one of the films. The Al Pacino movie, The Humbling. It was okay. I don't think that I will watched any of the films today. Or maybe I will, it depends on if anyone else will be working with me because I can't just leave the cash register. Well, well.

Tonight, the last movie actually they're showing one of the horror films that I was talking about last week (?), The Editor. Yeah, I don't think that I will watch it. Or maybe just a little bit in the beginning. Idk.

your writer, Erika


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