Steal Her Style: Ari Edition

Hi guys! How is everyone tonight? LOL, I am kind feeling like that his my standard opening phrase or something with y'all. LOL. Anyway, are you good? Are you gonna do anything fun tonight? Are you gonna go out? Me, yeah I just rented About Last Night from SF Anytime. I have been wanting to see that movie ever since it came out. So, um yeah that is how my night is going to be. Yup.

So I am kind of starting to think about what I want to wear for the Ariana Grande. Yeah, I know that it is six months left (don't judge me, once a fangirl always a fangirl). I kind want to copy her outfit from when she did that performance in Tokyo a few months ago. Or the one when she had at the airport, also in Tokyo. From the same trip actually. One of the two. They're both very cute. I want something Ariana-Grande-ish. I mean it's an Ari Grande concert. But Katy Perry is coming here in March so I have a chance there to dress a little crazy and cute or cute and crazy then. (Hahahahahaha.)

What do you think of these two Ari Grande outfits? Which one do you like better?

Either way, I am kind of thinking high heels or some kind of gogo/ thigh high boots. Kind of like the ones below. Gaaaash! I want all of these clothes like asap!

I found two pairs of really cute shoes that would be fitting for an Ariana Grande inspired outfit. Both from They're from 9 & Co. and ♡ Call It Spring. Both are black high heels with an open toe. They're not exactly what I was looking for but they're cute. I kind of want a pair of black high heels with an open toe that look like the ones from 9 & Co. but with material from ♡ Call It Spring. Do you get what I mean?

your writer, Erika


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